Race inspired GEN II suspension
the most versatile kits on the market today
Knox Mountain
hill climb winner,
Congrats Johnny!
See the videos

hill climb 1
hill climb 2
Congratulation to Restore A Muscle Car
for a great looking 69 Bird featured at the
2011 SEMA show using GEN II tubular
control arms, check for more pictures at       
Restore a Muscle car
Check this awesome 73 from Restore
A Muscle Car, featured at SEMA,
OUSCI, PHR magazine, Hi-Po Pontiac
magazine and the T/A nationals                
Restore a muscle car
Big congratulations to Travis
Hartwell for winning the speed
stop challenge at the PHR car of
the year competition events
using PTFB Comp suspension,
A-arms and chassis components.
  • 1 3/4" x .134 DOM steel
  • 36 sq/in floor plates
  • floor plates pre-welded to the tubes
  • floor bolts on multiple planes
  • double bolted slip collar connections
  • modular design
Check out  the April and May
issues of High Performance
Pontiac magazine for an in depth
article on our 1LE suspension
installation and testing.