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BOLT IN Frame Connectors

There has been a lot of talk about BOLT IN frame connectors, and of course the usual statement/question pops up " what is/I want the best" first you must understand the function of frame connectors. Only those that engineer, manufacture, test, long term use and install can actually explain their use and role. What do frame connectors do? -increase the chassis" beam strength....that's about it. -compliment other chassis improvement, such as Roll bars, G-braces and solid body bushings, a must with frame connectors and the first step in chassis stiffening. What frame connects do not do! - Frame connectors DO NOT significantly increase torsional rigidity.

When choosing Frame connectors you should look at the the engineering product material data as the first bit of information. Comparing tube size AND thickness, also very important MINIMUM cross sectional area, no mater how big or thick the main tube is if it is reduced substantially, it is no better than that minimum section of tube. We've charted the most popular frame connectors to help our customers see the difference.

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