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Hub Talk

At PTFB we ALWAYS look to modernize, improve and move forward while REDUCING costs AND of course improve performance.

Most new cars have gone to non serviceable hubs, for multiple reasons, One main reason when it comes to performance is near zero movement at the hub that aggravate caliper piston knock back on larger modern brakes with fixed mount calipers. however those modern hubs were not designed for older cars with much different front end geometry that place much more loads on wheel bearings.

It may sound contradictory to say modern hubs are designed to reduce flex and hub/ rotor movement, but yet weaker as to failure.

Application design and engineering is the reason!!

What if there was a way to have the robust strength of the proven serviceable spindle pin AND no bearing movement, much reduced pin flex and lighter weight compared to a modern sealed hub?

This crude drawing should help visualize the reason why the spindle pin is a better choice especially when combined with a bearing spacer, and is about half the weight.

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