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SLA upper A-arms

Let's talk SLA upper A-arms. Long before there was PTFB and GEN2 Racing products, I worked in engineering, cylinder head specialist, performance/racing development, SAE cert. engine machinist, NASCAR/ARCA track support and pit crew. Much of my circle track background trickle into the GEN2 product line, the KISS method in circle track is paramount...or you will go broke! This experience is why for the past 19 years PTFB has made some of the most successful bolt on products for 2nd gen cars at an affordable price. Prime example is our tubular upper control arms (A-arms), every performance feature at the lowest cost, meaningful added caster, offset cross shafts, zero deflection bushings, lighter weight. You'll notice I didn't mention "stronger" why? Because it's a meaningless marketing term and upper A-arms are not subjected to much load.

Here is the very first set of upper arms I made to fit my own personal 79 WS6 Formula 25 years ago, the car was daily driven for a few years, these arms have about 70,000 miles on them, in rain, snow, highways and byways, road grime, salt, water, heat, cold. You can say the design was tested beyond even GM standards. NEVER can you expect this level from performance or racing oriented parts not even OEM. Poly bushings have no good qualities in a control arm bushing, Heim joints will wear out fast and need periodic replacement. Delrin would be the best if lubricated. PTFB employs solid greaseable pivots. Dollar for Dollar GEN2 upper arms for your 2nd gen can't be beat not at 50% or 100% more experience.

FYI, recognize marketing snake oil. - " double offset cross shafts " that's impossible!! - Heim joints for "easy caster camber adjustment" !? Not even close, you would have to remove and disassemble the arms in order to adjust the threads........multiple times to do an alignment!!! Shimming IS STILL REQUIRED. -Heim joints also wear out fast especially when in a wet dirty environment.

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