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PTFB developped a one of a kind adjustable rear sway bar nearly 20 years ago to make it easier to adjust your car's balance, the rear of a car is always more sensitive to tuning this is why we only offer an adjustable rear bar, no need to buy multiple size bars to tune your handling, with unique articulating bushing reduces binding, something that is crutial on a solid axle car.

  • 1" Chromoly hollow bar.
  • 3 position adjustable.
  • HD drop links included.
  • All hardware included.

NOTE: if you car did not come factory equipped with a rear sway bar you will not have the frame rail brackets needed to mount the drop links.

  • For 74-81 the frame rails should be drilled but may not be tapped, the proper bracket is PTFB 2CS-503
  • For 70-73 the frame brackets are welded on, the frame rail was not rienforced for bolt on brackets, use PTFB 2CS-504

Adjustable rear sway bar

SKU: 2CS-511
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