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This kit sets the industry standard for performance and features, modernize you second gen F-body with PTFB's GT Pro Front Handling kit.
21st Century performance for your 20th Century ride.

  • Upper A-arms featuring zero delfection pivots, 5* of built in positive caster (up to 8* with alignment settings) much improved road feel and driver input.
  • Tall upper ball joints optimizes suspension geometry and increases negative Camber gain for a more effective tire contact patch.
  • PTFB exclusive progressive coil springs provide a quality ride as well as the utmost in performance as well as greater height adjustability without the need to use too soft a spring.
  • Our spring design make instalation easier.
  • Viking DOUBLE adjustable shocks give the enthusiast full control of ride quality and performance at the turn of a knob.
  • PTFB designed forged sway bar is 22% stiffer than the stock WS6 Trans Am bar.
  • PTFB exclusive 1LE lower control arms feature Delrine greaseable bushings.
  • adjustable steering stops.
  • built in 1/2" lowered feature.

GT Pro front handling kit stage 1 with coil overs.

SKU: 2CS200
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