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PTFB's GT Pro leaf spring kit is a game changer in the street & track market.

Featuring PTFB's Tork Trax leaf springs our kit # 2CS-428 offers the performance enthusiast what no other can.
For those that want to lower their car and have increased power this is the leaf spring for you, with built in traction leaf it is perfect for the weekend warrior with higher horspower and/or bigger higher torque engines such as Big Blocks, Pontiac engines.

  • Exclusive Tork Trax leafsprings (built in traction device)
  • Adjustable shackles.
  • Increased lateral ridgidity.
  • Rubber front eye for proper articulation.
  • Urethane shackle bushings.
  • Heavy duty leaf pack clamps.
  • Anti friction pads for bind free operation.

GT Pro leaf kit

SKU: 2CS-428
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