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PTFB's leaf spring instalation kit is truly a step above, this kit can be used to upgrade your stock or aftermarket leaf springs, extra heavy duty adjustable shackles provide improved lateral stability as well as anti squat adjustment for better traction and ride height adjustment to help clear bigger tires.
Please note: the J clips provided in the kit are no longer available from the USA manufacturer, we are forced to provide them from import suppliers.
PTFB will not warranty J-clips, we are putting them in the kits as a courtesy.
DO NOT use power tools to instal and fastener MUST be started by hand and avoid cross threading.


  • Extra thick laser cut steel shacles.
  • Poly shacle bushings.
  • rubber leaf spring pads NO polyurethane! (a must to prevent rear end housing shift)
  • Heavy duty 1/2" quad U-bolt upgrade.

leaf spring install kit.

SKU: 2CS-441
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